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Eurogard Zertifikat

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Our core competence is the development of individual solutions in the area of industrial communications.

A large number of our products has been developed in-house.

This includes most notably the PLC-specific teleservice devices and our ServiceRouter together with all the necessary know-how in the area of hard and software.

We possess comprehensive specialized knowledge in the area of computer validation for the pharmaceutical industry.

(Keywords: EU-GMP-Guideline, GAMP5®, FDA 21CFR Part11).




The electronics of the analog Multiplexer MUX4 have been fundamentally re-engineered. This includes a latest generation chipset as well as an improvement of the EMC stability.
The design of the well-proven housing is the same as the previous model and we have made sure that you can continue to use the new devices one-to-one.
The device is optimally suited as a cost-effective upgrade to existing machines and plants. New construction costs on the PLC side can often be considerably reduced.

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With the new and optimized Firmware the ServiceRouter series opens up further connection possibilities.
The Router is now set up to automatically check for open standard ports, allowing you to access the Server/Portal.
The connection to Routers located in China has been improved and adapted in order to gain increased availability of the connections.
The SRcompact Firmware is available from the Download area. For the V2-Router series and the various Servers we offer individual updates.

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We are now able to present our ISO 50.001 Energy Management System with the eTWEAK-Router. Its key functions include measurement, storage, evaluation and reporting of data. It can be employed for all forms of energy (electricity, gas, heat etc.). The integrated VPN-Server/Client system and the high-quality quality HTML5 graphic interface are further highlights of the system.

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The long period of development has been worthwhile! The new eurogard ServiceRouter compact has not only an entirely new and compact design but also a number of impressive new features. Alongside the main focuses of mobile communication, networks and security, it offers a variety of additional functions such as tunneling of USB devices, alarm messaging via email and SMS plus a fallback of the Internet access from 3G to WLAN or wired WAN. The eurogard ServiceRouter compact will be available in four versions from the beginning of 2014 at an unbeatable price.

Saia-Burgess has been carrying out in-depth studies with regards the issue of IT security and has formulated a range of protective measures. These measures also include the connection of PCD controllers to the Internet. For evaluation purposes, a variety of consumer and industrial products were subjected to an exhaustive series of tests. We are very pleased that our VPN-solution has been recommended as the standard for industrial routers and has been described in detail. For a the complete description with regards the installation of the eurogard ServiceRouterV2 in combination with a Saia-PCD please click: Link 

The current firmware now allows for a direct connection of mobile devices to our ServiceServers or ServiceRoutersV2. Whether it is a tablet or Smartphone, with IOS or Android operating system. By means of the official OpenVPN app, our secure remote access connection is now also available for mobile use, simplifying remote access to your plant.

Quality, continuously tried and tested

eurogard’s quality requirements have continuously increased since the company was set up 18 years ago. The ever-increasing success of our products and services is an impressive demonstration of this development. In order to further enhance this high level of quality and for the benefit of our customers, we have introduced a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, covering all areas of our company.
This QM system was audited in June 2013 by the ‘Deutsche Managementsystem Zertifizierungsgesellschaft DMSZ’ and the corresponding certificate was issued on 21 June 2013.
The entire eurogard Team is committed to this QM system as something we will all benefit from.
Our company wishes to secure its future through transparency and continuous improvement, supplying our customers with tried-and-tested quality products and services.



There is a new addition to the range of our remote access portfolio. The ServiceCam finally closes an often inconvenient gap in the area of remote access; it serves as "your eyes and ears" on site. Optmised for the eurogard remote service system, the ServiceCam can be employed worldwide and requires no installation procedures, thus extending your possibilities in the area of remote services. The "remotely controlled commissioner" is just one of the many possible applications. The system consists of a portable headset-/helmet camera, allowing for transmission of images and bidirectional sound. It is supplied by a High-Power-Lithium-Ion-battery, guaranteeing operating times of up to 3,5 hours. Neatly stored in a useful hip pack, the system allows for full freedom of action for the user. More information soon on this website ...

The data logger can now be synchronized with a central SQL-Server. The Server may be in the Intranet or in the Cloud. This guarantees consistent data storage for the operating parameters of your plant. Since the Router has a cache memory of 16 million values, a constant connection between Router and Server is not required. Data is automatically synchronized as soon as a connection is set up.

Finally: True to form along the lines of "Good things come to he who waits", the ServiceRouterV2 embarks on a new era with the latest firmware V4.2. The Router has been completely revised on the basis of an already well-established and secure remote access platform. The web interface for configuration has been redesigned and is now available in German, English and Spanish. A new driver communicates directly with S7®-compatible controls and provides the basis for two new functions.