machine to value IIoT Plattform


The eurogard m2v platform is your easiest and quickest way towards Industry 4.0

Thanks to the integration of all common industrial protocols, plant connectivity can be achieved easily and quickly in almost all cases. m2v is a highly integrable software that combines various tried and tested open-source microservices, built on state-of-the-art, secure technology. Our years of experience in various disciplines of software development have been incorporated into the programming of the m2v platform. Aspects such as data isolation and security, performance and service levels, as well as the configuration of the application, are consistently considered in development to create a powerful multi-tenancy software. This means the platform can be used to create and manage any number of clients with unlimited edge devices clearly, quickly and easily.


With the Eurogard-m2v IIoT platform you can keep an eye on your machines.

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  • Added value through data

    Set correlations, calculate KPIs and run simple as well as sophisticated analyses.

  • Modular visualization

    Current and historical KPIs, data histories and threshold breaches can be easily visualized in various, modular ways thanks to an extensive visualization portfolio.

  • Centralized data collection

    m2v allows you to collect data from all your machines in a central place, independent of hardware, and access it 24/7.

  • Reliability

    Data integrity and security are the top priority when it comes to data storage.

  • Versatile export functionality

    All data can be easily exported into common formats.

  • Complete overview

    Alarm functionality via email, SMS or the m2s app inform you about any performance deviations within seconds.

  • Versatile B2B applications

    Thanks to its integrable structure, various B2B applications can be realized via APIs using the platform.

  • Individual machine management

    Pre-built machine templates allow easy and unrestricted instantiation of machines.

  • Flexible hosting

    Whether as the standard cloud solution hosted in Germany or as on-premise on your own servers – you decide and retain data sovereignty.

All added values in the m2v demo tour. Request free demo access now!

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Our remote access products offer centralized operation of distributed properties, data management for energy and functional optimization, as well as secure access for external companies.

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